• Creative Uses for a Three Pocket Waist Apron

    10/11/13  |  By: Doug
    At Restaurant Discount Warehouse, we sell a LOT of three pocket waist aprons .   I mean a LOT.   While most of our customers are restaurants or restaurant servers, we’ve noticed that quite a few people from outside the restaurant industry have been buying them for some non-traditional uses.   So we thought it might be nice to have an arts and crafts expert suggest a few uses for these popular aprons that might not occur to everyone: New Ideas for Your Three...
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  • Are Cheap Aprons Really a Good Deal?

    7/15/13  |  By: Doug
    If you are shopping for aprons online, you will quickly notice a shockingly large range in the prices different distributors charge for their aprons.   This price difference can, for some shoppers, be a bit disconcerting.   At Restaurant Discount Warehouse, our aprons are so cheap that we get asked this question a lot . Are Cheap Aprons Cheap, or Just Low Priced? That’s the key question, right?   You don’t want to spend more than you need to on...
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  • Waist Aprons – How to Choose The Right One

    10/16/12  |  By: Doug
    Waist aprons come in numerous varieties.   For the restaurant looking to outfit its servers, the choices can seem daunting.   It is helpful to quickly delineate the main alternatives, so that you can decide which apron fits both your décor and your budget.   All of the aprons discussed here can be found here on our Waist Aprons page. Waist Aprons with Pockets Most restaurants want their servers to have pockets. Your waiters and waitresses need to carry...
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  • Waitress Aprons – Matching Your Apron Style to Your Restaurant's Décor

    1/22/13  |  By: Doug
    Waitress Aprons Convey An Image Many aspects of your restaurants décor combine to create in the customer’s mind an overall image of your restaurant.   The waitress apron is a frequently overlooked component of that impression. While you will spend thousands of dollars on the interior decoration of your restaurant, many restaurateurs overlook the importance of the appearance of their staff.   Fortunately, outfitting a waitress in a good looking apron...
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