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The bib aprons we offer meet a wide variety of needs. Although they were initially designed for our restaurant customers, we have found an ever increasing variety of other applications that people have employed them. Because they are made with high quality materials and sold at an incredibly low price, our aprons have developed a cult-like following.

We offer six styles of bib aprons to meet every conceivable food service need. (To help choose the perfect bib apron, you may find it helpful reading our blog post) In addition to restaurants, many churches and business organizations have purchased our aprons for special events. Even individuals and families have gotten into the act, as these aprons make great gifts and arts and crafts projects, too.

More than any other purpose, we designed these aprons to last. And last. In fact, unlike other suppliers who put a specific limit on their guarantee, we offer a lifetime guarantee. You can choose from 100% polyester and an 80/20 poly/cotton blend. While both are very long lasting, the 100% polyester is the more durable. The poly/cotton is especially soft and comfortable.

Our most popular styles, the two-pocket and three-pocket bib aprons, come in a wide variety of colors. The other three aprons come in black and white. You can match the color to your restaurant's décor, which is particularly important, as these full length aprons will cover most of your servers body. They can also be customized to promote your restaurant's logo.

All our aprons are one size fits all, so you don't need to worry about selecting a size. The two-pocket, three-pocket, and v-neck aprons all include adjustable ties to help ensure a perfect fit. Also, the primary difference between three-pocket apron and the other bib aprons is that the three-pocket apron is five inches shorter. It is ideal if you are looking for an apron that hangs approximately 12 inches below the waist.

Certain of these aprons are ideal for special purposes: the no pocket bib apron is a perfect chef apron, the v neck apron is an excellent apron for women looking for a more formal or a sexy appearance, and the cobbler apron accentuates an old-fashioned atmosphere.

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