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Our bistro aprons are the perfect choice for any café or bistro style restaurant. Made with high quality materials, they are priced to make them extremely affordable. Plus, they come in two sizes, half and full, and two colors, black and white, so you can find exactly what you need for your business.

If you are looking to compliment the décor of your bistro, our aprons fit the bill. The full size apron is 32" long, which means it will hang well below the knees of your servers. This is the most traditional look. The half bistro apron, at 19" long, will hang just above the knee. The half apron is also a great choice for a restaurant that wants a long waist apron, as it hangs 8" lower than our standard three pocket waist apron.

All our server bistro aprons are made from high quality materials selected specifically for use in food service operations. We offer two types of materials to choose from: a 100% polyester option and an 80/20 poly cotton blend. The apron with cotton is softer, while the all poly apron feels sturdier. Both are guaranteed for long life, can handles multiple washings, and won't stain or change color.

Both the half and the full size come in black and white. White is especially popular in the full size apron, as it represents a classic bistro feel. The full size apron has one pocket, and the half apron has two pockets.

No matter which apron you choose, you'll get an extremely low price. By buying your bistro aprons wholesale, rather than from a traditional distributor, you can save significant money.

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