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Our chef coats have a ton of great features in common: very high quality fabrics, exceptional design, and exacting attention to detail in manufacturing. Plus, we offer them all at a substantial discount off the standard retail price.

Use our narrow your search function to find the chef coat you want among the 40 or more chef jackets available on this page. Here is a brief description of all the features which you can use to narrow your list:

Color: Our chef coats come in ten different colors. The number of styles available in each color is specified in the parentheses next to the color name. Choose the color you want and all available choices will be listed. For example, if you want black chef coats, select black and you'll see the 22 options available in black.

Fabric: A garment's fabric impacts how it feels on your body. It also impacts the price. Someone looking for a top of the line jacket may choose cotton, or even 100% Egyptian cotton, but someone looking for cheap chef coats would want to pick 65 -35 poly cotton.

Styling: Chef attire is about more than color and fabric, it is a fashion item. To help you find the style you want, we've grouped our coats according their primary design feature. If you want a color contrast – for example, black buttons on a white coat, choose "contrast" to find the list of options with that feature.

Style Features: Many of our chef jackets have distinctive features. If you are looking for black piping or a crossover collar, you can select those features to see a list of coats that have them.

Gender: The men's chef coats we sell are designed to be unisex, but we also have certain items that are specifically women's chef coats, and they can be easily found by selecting "Women's" in the gender category.

Buttons: Buttons, both type and number, have a major impact on the look, and the cost, of chef wear. If you know what buttons you want, you can narrow your selection of chef coats down to show only those items that have exactly what you desire.

Sleeve Length: Short sleeves are popular with chefs who want to stay cool in a hot kitchen. Long sleeves are the more traditional option, and three quarter sleeves try to bridge the gap.

After narrowing your options and making your choice, you'll go to your coat's product page, where you can choose the color and size. All our chef coats come in sizes ranging from XS to 6XL. Consult the size chart to help select the correct size.

All our chef wear is in stock and ready to ship, so make your choice and we'll send it to you that day!

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