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Our chef pants look and feel great for years because of the care that goes into making them. High end features such as bar tacking and double needle sewing are part of our standard manufacturing process.

To select your ideal chef pants, you can narrow the list of chef pants using the "Narrow Your Search" feature on the left side of the screen. That makes it easy to reduce the list of ten pants to a more manageable number so you can pick the one that's right for you and your restaurant.

Here is a list and explanation of the features (it works similarly for all our chef wear):

Color: We offer LOTS of different color pants. Although black chef pants are the most popular, we have many more exotic colors such as Window Pane, Grey Triple Stripe, and Red and White Pinstripe. The number of pants that come in each color is listed in the parentheses.

Fabric: Select 100% cotton or 65-35 poly cotton twill.

Styling: The battle rages between those who prefer baggy chef pants and those who like a more traditional look. we've got plenty of options for both sides. We offer cargo pants and low-rise pants, too.

Style Features: Looking for a chef pant with a zipper? You can narrow your selection to only include those styles. Similarly, if you prefer an elastic waist or belt loops, this is the spot to carve out those pants that don't have them.

Gender: If you want women's chef pants, you can easily find them by selecting women's. All of our men's chef pants, however, are designed to be unisex, and they are worn comfortably by thousands of women.

Once you have narrowed your list to only those pants that have the fabric, color, and features that you want, make your selection. You will be taken to the product page where you can choose your color and size. Most of our pants, like our other chef clothes, are sized from XS to 6XL, though some are sized by waist. Our size chart will help you pick the right size.

Our chef wear ships the same day you order it, so pick what you want and we'll get it right out to you!

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