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We offer premium quality shirts for chefs, servers, and busboys. These shirts have all been designed with an eye toward durability, but we haven't overlooked fashion considerations, either.

Chef shirts and utility shirts add professionalism and class to any dining establishment. While most restaurants pay a great deal of attention to their chef uniforms, not all give their shirts the same attention. Of all chef wear, shirts tend to be a bit of an afterthought.

At Restaurant Discount Warehouse, we are trying to correct that oversight by offering shirts in a variety of styles and colors. Some of our chef shirts are designed to look like a chef coat, others are offer contrasting colors. Some have buttons, others snaps, and some are pullover shirts. Along with the standard white and black, we have shirts in lime, cobalt, and persimmon!

Most of our chef shirts have short sleeves, but we also have a long sleeve model and a three quarter sleeve one, too. Please take your time and browse through the options. Give your shirts the same consideration that you give to your other chef clothes. Find the chef and utility shirts that are perfect for your restaurant and order them today!

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