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At Restaurant Discount Warehouse, we offer gloves for foodservice in three different materials. We have vinyl disposable gloves, which are the go-to gloves for most restaurants. These gloves are available in both a powdered and a powder-free version. Most restaurants choose the powder-free gloves, as they prefer to avoid the concern of powder spilling out of the gloves when a foodservice worker removes them.

We also offer nitrile disposable gloves, which is our top-of-the-line glove offering. For a perfect fit and tremendous comfort, nitrile has become the glove of choice. Like vinyl, it is perfect for people who have a latex allergy, because it’s completely latex-free.

We also have a third option not found at most other glove distributors, a hybrid glove which offers similar functionality to vinyl but at a lower cost. These hybrid gloves fit a little looser than either nitrile or vinyl, but the go on and off extremely easily, and they have a very low price point.

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