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Our food service labels have been designed to help restaurants comply with all food safety regulations and best practices at a very low cost. Use this brief summary to select the right food service labels for your restaurant.

Restaurant Discount Warehouse offers three types of food service labels: dissolvable labels , removable labels, and permanent labels

Dissolvable labels are the most popular option, primarily because they are the most convenient. By using water dissolvable labels, a restaurant does not have to peel the labels off its food containers every time they wash or reuse them. A kitchen employee can simply place the container in the dishwasher, and when he removes it later, the dissolving label will have disappeared completely.

Removable labels perform the same basic function, but they are more labor intensive: each label must be peeled away by hand and discarded. Not a big deal, perhaps, but the difference in cost is small enough (less than one cent per label for a one inch day dot) that more restaurants elect the dissolving labels.

Permanent labels, as the name suggests, cannot be removed. They should be used only on containers or bags that will be thrown away. They cost the least per label.

We offer day of the week labels in all three materials. The dissolvable labels have two day of the week options: a one inch and a two inch version, while the removable day of the week option is only available in one inch and the permanent label has a 3/4 inch day dot.

The dissolvable labels also have two Shelf Life food rotation labels, a 1x2 inch and a 2x3 inch version.

Finally, we offer a day dots dispenser to make it easy to store and use your food service labels. Just insert each one roll for each day of the week in order into the dispenser, then pull off the labels as you need them.

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