• Menu Covers – Custom vs. Stock

    5/3/13  |  By: Doug
    Menu Covers come in two basic varieties: custom and stock. For a new restaurant planning its initial purchase of menu covers (or for a restaurant replacing its existing menu covers), the decision of whether or not to put its name on the menu cover drives most other decisions concerning the menu cover. To help restaurants think through this process, I’ve outlined the pros and cons of customizing your menu cover. Branding The primary reason to customize your menu cover is...
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  • Menu Cover Options for Restaurants, Part I

    2/14/13  |  By: Doug
    Non-Customized Menu Covers The next few blog posts will cover menu covers  options because, well, we’ve been running a sale on menu covers at Restaurant Discount Warehouse this February, and it is leading to lots of conversations and inquiries about menu covers. It’s made me think more systematically about them, and as a result, made me want to provide that information to my customers. So here goes. Alternative One: No Menu Cover The most basic approach a...
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  • Five Ways to Use Menu Covers to Market Your Restaurant

    11/15/13  |  By: Doug
    Most restaurants use menu covers to hold or present their menus to customers.   In this function the menu covers serve a primarily aesthetic purpose.   While that purpose may always be paramount, restaurants can creatively use their menu covers to grow sales, too.   Here’s five ways to make it happen: 1.   Put your restaurant’s name on the cover There is no better way to keep your restaurant’s name top of mind in your customers than by...
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  • Menu Cover Options for Restaurants, Part II

    2/15/13  |  By: Doug
    In yesterday’s post we discussed menu covers  options that do not offer customization. The main two choices, the clear plastic cover and the café style cover, feature clear plastic pockets that fit around the menu. They differ primarily in the edge around the plastic. Customizable menu covers, on the other hand, come in almost infinite varieties. I will try to put some order around the concept, grouping different classes of covers in a way that makes sense, but keep...
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