Napkin Bands

Our napkin bands are the ideal way to present your silverware! They come in 13 different colors, so they look perfect in your restaurant, and they are highly functional, too. They keep your napkins clean and sanitary, are extremely efficient for your staff, and can be custom printed for marketing purposes. There are two sizes, one for paper and one for cloth napkins, so no matter what the use, these napkin wraps will fit the bill.

Our paper napkin rings stand out on your table, with deep rich colors that really pop. With 13 colors to choose from, you can find exactly that shade that will perfectly augment the décor of your restaurant. While we carry the perennial favorites like black, green, and burgundy, we also stock less common colors such as rust, purple, and teal. Many restaurants will use multiple colors to add some variety to their place settings.

At the same time these napkin straps look great, they are also providing a critical function: keeping your restaurant compliant with FDA food guidelines, which recommends that restaurants wrap any tableware that will be set prior to the customers' arrival. Because our self-adhesive napkin bands utilize a special glue designed specifically for this purpose, they are extremely efficient for your staff. Your servers can wrap the napkins during off hours, which allows them not to be distracted by this requirement during the busiest times at your restaurant.

Many restaurants also take advantage of the option to use personalized napkin wraps, which helps them market themselves and promote their brand. If you go this route, your bands will be custom printed with your name or logo on it. The minimum order for a customized napkin band is a case of 20,000. Unlike other suppliers, we do not charge a setup fee of any kind for this service.

While most of our napkin ties customers are restaurants, we also have buyers who use them in other settings. They are particularly popular for weddings, as they are a great alternative to personalized beverage napkins. Corporate special events also frequently find that self-sealing paper napkin rings are an extremely efficient and attractive solution to their silverware needs.

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