• Seven Unlikely Occurrences That Will Happen Before You Win Warren Buffet's $1 Billion NCAA Brackets

    3/18/14  |  By: Doug
    The NCAA’s annual basketball championship tournament has a new twist this year, Warren Buffet’s Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. Perfectly predict the outcome of every game and win $1,000,000,000!   Sounds enticing, right? Of course, it’s been widely publicized that the odds against such an accomplishment are huge: 9.2 quintillion to 1.   At least, those are the odds according to a computer – I did not verify them myself.  ...
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  • Funny Restaurant Names – the Best and the Worst

    12/30/14  |  By: Doug
    Funny Restaurant Names – the Best and the Worst
    Nothing makes your restaurant memorable like a funny name. In most cases, the name is based on a pun that calls to mind an association with something else. It’s “that something else” that makes the name funny, clever, or sometimes crude and disgusting. When done well, these names can be real brand builders. Of course, when you swing for the fences, sometimes you strike out, as you’ll see below. Suppose you’re going to open a Fish n’ Chips place. You...
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