• Food Safety Time Guidelines: What You Need to Know

    10/23/12  |  By: Doug
    The storage and safety of food in a restaurant setting is of the utmost concern to those owning and running the establishments. No one wants to serve bad food. No one wants customers to become ill. In addition, poor quality and safety issues are bad public relations. One ill customer can cost you tens of customers after the word of mouth spreads to his or her friends and their friends after that. What are the safety guidelines when it comes to food storage? How long can you keep...
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  • Seven Useful Hiring Questions for Restauranteurs

    11/15/12  |  By: Doug
    It is no secret that the restaurant industry is thought of as one of the easiest places to find a job. However, employing individuals without first asking hiring interview questions which reveal their true capacity to work in the industry leads to high employee turnover rates, an issue that becomes costly for a number of reasons. Paying a waitress to work for a few weeks during which she provides poor service and leaves customers unlikely to return costs a restaurant profits, payroll and...
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  • Advertising for Restaurants: Three Ways to Bring in More Customers

    11/14/12  |  By: Doug
    There are important differences between advertising for restaurants and advertising for other businesses. While many of the general rules of thumb for advertising still apply, restaurants can benefit by focusing on these three techniques that specifically relate to bringing in diners. Don't Hide the Food You want people to actually see what you are serving. By showing a picture of a juicy, delicious burger or lobster tails with a lovely side of butter, people will simply need to...
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  • Waist Aprons – How to Choose The Right One

    10/16/12  |  By: abraham
    Waist aprons come in numerous varieties.   For the restaurant looking to outfit its servers, the choices can seem daunting.   It is helpful to quickly delineate the main alternatives, so that you can decide which apron fits both your décor and your budget.   All of the aprons discussed here can be found here on our Waist Aprons page. Waist Aprons with Pockets Most restaurants want their servers to have pockets. Your waiters and waitresses need to carry...
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  • Should Your Servers Share Their Tips?

    11/9/12  |  By: Doug
    Restaurant servers depend on tips to pay their bills, and many would not make enough without them. Tips provide an incentive for servers to please customers, and they also allow customers to show their appreciation. In many restaurants, servers are required to pool their tips and split them. This practice is great in some ways, but it can also lead to some potential issues. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of sharing tips. Advantages of Tip Sharing One of the most...
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  • Where Did the Day Go? Time Management for Restaurant Managers

    3/13/14  |  By: Doug
    While people in all industries struggle with the need to accomplish a long list of tasks in a short amount of time, restaurant managers face a tougher task than most.   Working long hours and facing near-constant interruptions, emergencies, and unpredictable challenges, restaurant managers have serious trouble finding time for long-term, strategic thinking. In a recent post on the Entrepreuer.com website, Joe Mathews, Don Debolt, and Deb Percival identify Ten Time Management Tips...
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  • Creating a Restaurant Manager Training Program

    11/12/12  |  By: Doug
    The Importance of Having a Restaurant Manager Training Program Restaurant owners work hard to select the right managers to run their operations. They rely on their own in-depth knowledge of the restaurant industry to seek the most efficient, reliable candidates for restaurant managers. Frequently, restaurant managers are chosen from the ranks of experienced wait staff, a pool of candidates who understand the business but don’t necessarily know how to manage. In these...
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  • Where Restaurants Can Find Food Safety Labeling Rules

    10/26/12  |  By: Doug
    Food safety labeling is required by most major health departments. Any licensed restaurant that serves food to the public must date and label all prepared food items before storing them in a freezer or refrigerator. Since busy food establishments can prepare hundreds of pounds of product daily, and since some restaurants may run two or more shifts of employees, all food items must be labeled so all employees who are part of the production process can easily determine the age of a particular...
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  • Waitress Aprons: What are the most popular styles?

    10/29/12  |  By: Doug
    If you are someone who is looking to dress your servers well, you’ll find that you should consider waitress aprons. No matter how classy your restaurant is, you’ll find that your servers are still dealing with food, and that they can occasionally use a little bit of protection! What are some of the best waitress apron styles? Waist Aprons If you are looking for something simple and casual, consider the simple waist apron. The waist apron is a narrow band of cloth that...
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  • How far should you deliver?

    3/11/13  |  By: abraham
    Your customers are happy and you want to keep them that way. Suppose several of your sit down patrons ask if you could deliver further out. If your current delivery business is thriving, you may want to expand it. Here are some issues to review before making this important decision: Can Your Drivers Support an Expanded Delivery Area? Delivery drivers are critical to successful food delivery. Without them, you could not provide this service. With tight boundaries, your drivers make...
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  • How an Embroidery Machine Works

    11/19/12  |  By: Doug
    Embroidery machines transfer designs onto wearable merchandise. The machines make it possible for restaurant owners and managers to place their logos or slogans on items such as aprons, caps, bags, polo shirts and other items that build a memorable business image. The Cost of Embroidery Since embroidery is all about stitching designs onto materials, stitch count is the primary factor that influences cost. The base cost of any embroidery project is usually determined by the item you...
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  • My First Shift Behind the Bar

    11/4/13  |  By: Guest author
      In the summer of 2004, while at home on break from college, I turned 21. As with most young people, this was a dangerous time in my life. There was a little too much alcohol, not nearly enough maturity and, thanks to my job as a server, too much cash on hand. A week after my birthday, my manager called me into the office and asked the question I had been praying to hear: "How would you like to start working behind the bar?" I was elated. I immediately accepted and began...
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