• Chef Pants Through History

    7/23/13  |  By: Doug
      Chef Pants - Functional and Fashionable The uniform of a chef is very distinctive, from the domed-like hat to his shoes. We have previously written about the history of the chef coat , but the chef pant also is worth some background. Traditional chef pants have a checkered pattern, known as houndstooth. In addition to being stylish, this pattern was chosen because it conceals stains. The houndstooth pattern comes in black and white or blue and white. Function Chef...
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  • Bib Aprons – How to Choose the Right One

    5/9/13  |  By: Doug
    Restaurants have a variety of options for choosing bib aprons for their servers. In fact, there are so many options that sorting through them can be confusing. This article will lay out the various different types of bib aprons and the pros and cons of each. Bib Apron Styles There are three main styles of bib aprons. The most common style includes a flat neckline. A strap is attached to the ends of the neckline. The strap hangs around the neck, holding the apron on the server....
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  • How to Pick the Best Shirt for Your Chefs

    8/30/13  |  By: Doug
    Looking for the right chef shirts for your restaurant?   While this choice is a little more straightforward than choosing a chef coat, there are still a few options to sift through.   This Buyer’s Guide will help you make the right choice for your restaurant. Chef Shirt Options   There are a number of options to think about that will help you select the right shirt.           1....
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  • Five Traits of an Outstanding Chef Coat

    11/26/12  |  By: Doug
    Choosing the right chef coat is an important decision for a chef. After all, you are going to be wearing this coat for roughly 50% of your waking life! It needs to be comfortable and also to look great. Plus, it needs to last. Unfortunately, some of the knowledge you need to choose the right coat is a bit technical. That’s why we’ve put together this quick primer on the five things you need to look for when choosing a chef coat. The Fabric The most important choice a...
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  • New Trends in Chef Pant Styles

    1/4/13  |  By: Doug
    It is no secret that chef pants weren't always designed with appearance in mind. Similar to nurses' scrubs, chef pant styles were typically designed with function and performance in mind first and foremost, with design and appearance factoring in as an afterthought. As the restaurant industry has evolved and grown, so have the trends in apparel for those in the industry. Today's chef pant styles are not only functional, they are designed with style and appearance in mind. To help you...
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