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At Restaurant Discount Warehouse, we price our register tape to save you money. Please use this guide to help choose your register tape:

Before making your selection, please be certain that you need single-ply bond paper rather than thermal paper rolls. If you have a modern POS system or a credit card machine, you may need thermal rolls. If you have an older or traditional cash register or adding machine you will probably need bond paper.

If your printer uses a ribbon, you are in the right place. All the cash register tape and white paper rolls on this page work with a ribbon.

you'll next need to know the width of the paper you require. There are a variety of widths available, ranging from as narrow as 1.5 inches (also referred to as 38mm) to as wide as 4.5 inches. Because there are hundreds of different manufacturers and thousands of models of printers, it is hard to generalize about which size you are likely to need. The most common width is 3 inches, but It's best to measure your current register paper rolls if you're not certain.

Last, if you need a 3 inch wide paper roll, you can choose your length. (The other widths all come in a single length.) The 3 inch x 150 foot roll is most popular, but its diameter is too large for some cash registers. The diameter of the 3 inch x 104 foot roll is 5/8 of an inch smaller and solves that problem. The diameter of all our rolls is reflected on their pictures, so you can easily check to confirm that they will work in your machine.

All the cash register rolls on this page come in cases of 50, with the exception of those whose width is 2.25 inches or less. Those rolls come in cases of 100.

If you are using your cash register tape as receipt paper, you may want to consider using two-ply rolls. The second ply enables you to keep an additional record of each transaction.

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