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At Restaurant Discount Warehouse, we pride ourselves in having the absolute lowest priced thermal paper rolls available anywhere. We also want to make sure our customers have the assistance they need in selecting the right thermal paper rolls, so we developed this guide to help you choose the rolls that will fit into your thermal printer. First, be certain that you require thermal paper. If you are buying credit card paper rolls or POS paper rolls, there's a good chance you do. Almost all newer printers require thermal printer paper and will not work with plain bond register paper.

Next, determine the width of the paper your printer requires. In general, credit card printers need 2 1/4 thermal paper and POS printers need 3 1/8 thermal paper. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, so it does help to measure your existing stock of paper if you're not certain.

Once you know the correct width, you'll be able to select the length. If you need one of the standard widths, you will have multiple lengths to choose from. The length matters because it affects the diameter of the roll. Some printers have limited room for the rolls, and if the diameter is too large, the roll won't fit.

For POS printers, 3 1/8 by 230 thermal paper rolls vastly outnumber all others. Only a few printers require 3 1/8 thermal paper shorter than 230 feet long. We do have a 120 foot length for those cases.

For credit card printers, 2 1/4 by 85 thermal paper rolls is the most common size. While that size fits in most printers, it is too large for others. For extra small printers, we offer a 2 1/4 by 50 roll. If you have a larger machine, you can save a little money by purchasing 150 foot long rolls, or even 225 foot long rolls, but the savings are fairly small.

When buying your thermal paper direct from Restaurant Discount Warehouse, the prices are so low that you'll save a lot regardless of which length you buy. It's not hard to find thermal paper rolls – you can buy them at Walmart, Staples, Office Depot and online all over the web. But you won't find them anywhere at the same prices we sell them.

Plus, if you do by chance purchase a size that does not work in your machine, you can return your rolls to us at no charge. We'll even refund the shipping cost. So please go ahead and make your purchase with the confidence you're getting a great deal and a rock solid guarantee.

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