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Our waist aprons are an extremely versatile product. Originally designed for servers, they are also used by teachers, churches, businesses, and individuals throughout the United States. Because of our high standards of construction and amazingly low prices, these aprons have developed a cult following. With as many as eight colors to choose from, and three different styles, we have the perfect waist apron for anyone.

We began by designing the perfect apron for a restaurant server. Improving on the standard black three pocket waist apron, we offered it in eight different colors. This allows restaurants to match their décor and choose a less common color like red or white. Unlike bib aprons, waist aprons don't cover a waiter's top, so he can wear a visible uniform. We also can personalize your apron, with your logo or any other cute design.

With such flexibility, we have found them used as aprons for teachers, handymen, and painters. But despite that versatility, they are really cute for cocktail waitresses, too. In fact, there are so many uses for our waist aprons that we wrote a white paper describing them all. Check it out.

There are three styles of waist aprons for every different need. All are one size fits all, with extra-long ties to make sure they really do fit all. Our standard three pocket waist apron is the most popular, no doubt due to its incredible price of $1.99! This is the apron that made us famous. The rounded corner waist apron is four inches longer, and it features a little more styling than a typical straight corner apron. The reversible waist apron has the convenience of three pockets on both sides, so it can be flipped if one side gets dirty.

All three aprons come with the same high quality, extremely durable construction and materials. Because these were all originally designed for restaurants, they are built tough. It might seem hard to imagine that you can buy an apron for $1.99 and expect high quality, but that's the benefit of buying wholesale.

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