We sell top quality menu covers at the absolute lowest price anywhere. Compare and see - our competitors charge two or three times more for the same menu cover!

Our great looking menu covers are extremely durable, are stocked in all the most popular styles and colors, and come with our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why Buy Your Restaurant Menu Covers from Restaurant Discount Warehouse?

1. Our menu covers are constructed using premium materials and extreme care.

Our menu covers employ materials selected for a combination of durability and attractiveness. We know that your menu covers will be dropped, spilled on, passed around, and generally roughed up. They need to be able to survive this and look their best for years and years.

2. Our menu covers come in a variety of colors and formats to match your restaurant’s decor.

Sure, we have menu covers in black and burgundy. But we also have them in blue, green, red, and brown. Plus, our menu covers range in size from one page view to twelve page views.

3. Our menu covers are an incredible value.

There is a very good reason why we can sell our menu covers at such great prices: we sell tons of them. Our incredible buying power allows us to drive costs down to the minimum, and then we can pass those savings on to you, our restaurant customers.

4. Our menu covers ship the day you order.

Because we sell so many menu covers, we can keep large stocks of all the different styles and colors. That means we have them we you need them. Of course, if you want your menu cover customized with your restaurant name or logo, that takes a bit longer, but we can still get it to you in a week or two.

5. Our menu covers come with our unmatched Satisfaction Guarantee

Our menu covers, like all our other restaurant products, come with the best guarantee you will ever find. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, all you need to do is call us. We will pick your menu covers up from you at our cost and immediately refund the full amount of your purchase, including the shipping costs. It'’s that simple.

"I have been ordering from Mell and Company for years. Their friendly staff and quick service keep me coming back."

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