RDW Announces- "Seattle's Top Food Critics and Bloggers"

12/22/14  |  By: Doug


RDW has selected our list of “Seattle’s Top Food Critics and Bloggers.” We have searched high and low for the best of the best when it comes to food critics and bloggers in the Seattle area. From sampling Seattle’s most iconic foods to trying the hottest new restaurants, these bloggers have it covered.   

The purpose of this list is to acknowledge the individuals that keep the food industry buzzing while holding restaurants to a higher standard. The restaurant and food industry is one that is enjoyed by many and one that is continually evolving. The industry would not even be close to where it is today without the compassion, critique, and love that these bloggers have for food. In no particular order, “Seattle’s Top Food Critics and Bloggers”-

Food Persuasion

604 Munchies

Alix Compton

Richard Sprague

Beauty and the Feast

50 Shades of Delicious

Buffalo Chow

Roots and Grubs

Burger Anarchy

Cave Cibum

Kansas City Traveling Gourmet

Culinary Colorado


Coffee Jitters

The Dishelin Guide

Carpe Cupcakes

Eating Seattle

Crave Local

Fancy Frites

Epicurious Eats

Every Day Is A Food Day

Fajita Ray: Seattle


Fig and Walnut 

The Mid-life Crazy Man

Fried Dandelions

Ariella Fong

Fueled By Food Blog

Hot Pink Manolos

Chowdown Seattle




Les Petites Choses

Bitter Sweet Life

Mommy Travels

OC 2 Seattle

Farsi Una Pizza

Our Crazy Blessed Life

The Passionate Foodie

Pechluck’s Food Adventures

Eve Lovelle

Premeditated Gluttony

Bumble’s Bodacious Buffet

Ronald Blog

Fit Food Fun

Stumptown Vegans

The Gastrognome

Fatgirl Hedonist

The Italian Dish

A big congratulations to all of our winners and keep up the great work!


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