Off-Spec, Single, Standard, 4 ¼" by 8 ½", Guest Checks (690)

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From $36.10 $34.30 (Case of 2,000)

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Jeff H.

over 20 years of experience

Product Info

Item# 3136, 3427

OFF-SPEC: 6 mil thickness vs typical 8.8 mil

  • 4 ¼" by 8 ½"
  • Made of thick, stiff paper
  • Perforated receipt at bottom
  • Guaranteed sequential numbering
  • Available loose or padded
  • Case of 2,000 = 2,000 checks
  • Pack of 250 = 250 checks
Made of thick, stiff paper. Perforated receipt at bottom. 4 ¼" by 8 ½". Our best selling one-part check. Available loose or padded. 2,000 checks per case or 250 checks per pack.
Made in China
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Product and Service Rating for Guest Checks
We have been using this product for just over 12 years and are quite satisfied with it, and the service has been satisfactory as well.
Verified Buyer
fast and easy...quick delivery time.
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Good size, lots of space to write on, drinks clearly marked.
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Menu covers and Guest checks
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